About Malpublish


The term "malpublish", coined in 2023 by Roarke Clinton, derives from the Latin prefix "mal-", meaning "bad" or "wrong," and the verb "publish." 


The term "malpublish" was coined to address a gap in the English language. The term specifically identifies the acts committed by a publisher that meet any of the criteria defined by the term "malpublish". Such an act is referred to as "malpublishing" or "malpublishment," and the individual or entity responsible is considered a "malpublisher.


As more people become aware of the dangers of misinformation and disinformation, and the harmful impact that it has on individuals and society, the use of the term "malpublish" can help promote responsible publishing practices and encourage accurate information sharing. This includes fact-checking before sharing information, supporting media literacy education, and prioritizing accuracy and transparency in all forms of reporting and information sharing. By holding malpublishers accountable for their actions, we can work towards a future where accurate and reliable information is readily available to everyone, and where the spread of false and misleading information is minimized. Ultimately, our hope is that the use of the term "malpublish" will contribute to a healthier and more informed society, where the value of accurate information is recognized and upheld.